September 13, 2022 | AD & Biogas, Business+Finance, Climate

Gas Utility Inventory Finds Ample RNG And Green Hydrogen Supplies

Top: Fossil-free vision image courtesy of National Grid

National Grid, an electricity, natural gas and clean energy delivery company serving New York and Massachusetts, issued a request for information (RFI) in May 2022 to better understand renewable natural gas (RNG) and hydrogen availability for its customers.  One of four pillars in National Grid’s clean energy vision, procurement of RNG and hydrogen, will enable the company to deliver a 100% fossil-free gas network for customers unable to electrify. (The other three pillars are energy efficiency, hybrid-electric heating systems, and targeted electrification and networked geothermal.) “We are eager to hear from suppliers and developers who can help us use existing networks to continue safely and reliably meeting the energy needs of our customers as we make progress toward net zero,” said James Holodak, Vice President, Energy Procurement, National Grid, when issuing the RFI.

In August, National Grid announced that through the RFI responses, it has located “robust stocks” of RNG and hydrogen potentially available for its customers in Massachusetts and New York. It determined there will be at least 33 trillion BTUs (TBtus) available in the next three years, more than double the 15 TBtus needed in 2025. These fossil-free energy supplies are either immediately available or could be online within two years of contracting the projects, according to National Grid, validating its vision for fossil-free heat in the Northeast.

“The RFI response alone is nearly double our 2025 need for fossil-free fuel and our analysis indicates that this initial response is not nearly the extent of RNG, hydrogen, and other innovative renewable resources that National Grid can procure,” explains Holodak. “These results are an important proof-point that, with the right policy and regulatory support, within two years of contracting these projects, National Grid would be able to deliver an affordable and reliable clean energy transition for our customers.”

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