November 21, 2023 | AD & Biogas, Climate

Dairy Farmers In India To Install Small-Scale Digesters

Top: Farm with HomeBiogas installation in Kenya (above) is similar to what will be installed on dairy farms in the Maharashtra State in India. Photos courtesy HomeBiogas

HomeBiogas, a manufacturer of small-scale, on-site biogas systems, announced an agreement with SKG Sangha, a nonprofit organization working in the energy, sustainable farming, waste management and climate change fields, to install over 7,000 HomeBiogas systems with dairy farmers in Satara, Maharashtra State in India starting in early 2024. The systems are expected to generate more than 500,000 carbon credits in the next decade. HomeBiogas has already successfully sold a portion of those credits, with plans to continue selling the remainder to organizations interested in lowering their carbon emissions. SKG Sangha is an experienced carbon project developer that has registered more than 12 carbon projects under Gold Standard and Verra in India. It will be managing and operating the carbon credits project, including installing and maintaining the HomeBiogas systems while documenting the carbon certificates according to international standards.

The digester yields up to 52 gallons/day of biofertilizer, along with biogas for cook stoves.

The HomeBiogas systems for small-scale dairy farms can process 17 gallons of manure and 34 gallons of water/day; the system volume is 7.6 cubic meters and yields about 52 gallons/day of biofertilizer. The farmers feed the HomeBiogas system cow manure which is converted into clean energy and bio-fertilizer. The Indian farmers will replace cooking on firewood and use of charcoal by using the biogas produced from the system. The digestate will help farmers reduce their use of chemical fertilizers. HomeBiogas also has small-scale digesters for individual households and commercial on-site installations to process food waste.

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