July 20, 2021 | AD & Biogas, Facilities, Food Waste, Preprocessing

New Food Waste Preprocessing Facility In Ontario

Top: New facility in Drumbo, Ontario. Photo courtesy of StormFisher

A new organics recovery facility opened in Drumbo, Ontario with capacity to process over 100,000 metric tons/year (110,000 tons) of food waste. The $20 million facility was built by StormFisher, a self-described “circular economy and decarbonization” solutions provider, in partnership with Generate, a North American sustainable infrastructure and investment company. The facility provides food waste recycling services to handle packaged organics and will service municipalities, restaurants, grocery stores, and food manufacturers. Recently, the City of Stratford, Ontario partnered with StormFisher as part of its green bin program launch.

The processed food waste slurry will be anaerobically digested at StormFisher’s London Biogas Facility in London, Ontario, as well as at Generate’s anaerobic digesters in upstate New York. “This facility initiates an important first step in organics processing by transforming residential and commercial organic waste into renewable energy and fertilizer,” notes Brandon Moffatt, StormFisher’s Vice President of Development. BioCycle will be covering these projects in more detail in an upcoming article.

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