July 13, 2021 | Collection, Food Waste

Pilot Food Scraps Collection In Vail

The Town of Vail, Colorado is partnering with Vail Honeywagon to offer a residential organics collection pilot program for up to 100 households in select West Vail neighborhoods. The pilot started the week of May 1, 2021, and ends April 30, 2022. The town is subsidizing the program for the pilot year by 50%; the cost to residents to participate is $8/month. A limited number of homeowners associations (HOA) and multifamily residences are also eligible to participate in the pilot. Pricing varies based on size of the complex. The Town of Vail will subsidize 50% of the monthly fee to the HOA or multi-family unit up to $50/month. Currently, according to the town, about 37% of Vail’s waste that is sent to the landfill could be composted.

Pilot program participants receive a 5-gallon locking bucket, guidelines and instructions, two paper yard trimmings bags, and weekly curbside service. Accepted materials include all food scraps, including meat and dairy products; yard trimmings; BPI certified compostable service ware, cups, and bags; and most natural fibers (paper towels, coffee filters, shredded paper, pizza boxes, etc.). The 5-gallon locking bucket for all food scraps must be stored indoors or in a wildlife resistant enclosure and placed out on the curbside only on the morning of service. If it is completely free of any food scraps or food residue, yard trimmings can be placed at the curbside on collection day in the paper bags or in a container no larger than 20 gallons in size. Vail Honeywagon, which operates a commercial composting site, has an existing partnership with the Town of Vail to offer food scraps drop-off service to households.

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