CalRecycle is collaborating with the state’s agricultural agency to incentivize farmers’ use of compost (Agri Service composting facility, shown).

December 12, 2016 | General

State of the BioCycle Community, 2016

The BioCycle Community’s solutions are anchored
in principles and practices that in some cases go back decades (if not centuries).

December 2016

The Organics Recycling Industry’s strengths lie in producing commodities that contribute to climate-resilient communities — and creating jobs.  In 2016, BioCycle editors and contributors made the case.

What Business Are We In?
Talking Turkey

BioCycle’s coverage in 2016 continued to advance the conversation about the closed loop benefits of wasted food prevention and donation, and recycling of inedible human food to generate renewable energy and build healthy soils to grow healthy foods.

Keys to the BioCycle Community building markets for compost and digestate are research, standards and specifications. Our 2016 coverage included:

Finally, to thrive the BioCycle Community must follow tried and true Best Management Practices, as well as manufacture high quality products. In 2016, as this sampling shows, our how-to articles covered the gamut — from odor management to contaminant control.

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