June 15, 2020 | AD & Biogas, Climate, Composting, Food Waste, Markets


BioCycle celebrates the launch of its new website, anchoring our transition to a digital media platform.

Nora Goldstein

BioCycle’s transition from print to digital at the end of 2019 had two components:

  • Launch of BioCycle CONNECT on January 8, 2020
  • Launch of new in Spring 2020

With Spring ending in 3 days, BioCycle is proud to say, Mission Accomplished! Starting with today’s BioCycle CONNECT, all content takes you to our new website. It took a bit of extra coordinating due to constraints created by the pandemic to continue moving forward to meet our Spring launch. A huge thank you to Altitude Marketing in Emmaus, Pennsylvania, a B2B marketing agency who led us through the design and creation of BioCycle CONNECT, and the new

When we first started the design process of BioCycle CONNECT, our goal was to create the look and feel — to the maximum extent possible — of BioCycle in print. With BioCycle CONNECT, the combination of feature articles and BioCycle Briefs are examples of how this was accomplished.

We wanted a similar look and feel with the website, combined with making access to BioCycle content from 2004 forward as user friendly as possible. The article layouts take advantage of the graphics, as you will see when clicking on the content links. We’ve organized content under five primary categories: Composting; Anaerobic Digestion + Biogas; Food Waste; Markets; and Climate. Content posted on these pages appears by order of date published. This includes content that has been updated, e.g., a “How Are They Doing Now” update on a composting facility, anaerobic digester, collection program, etc.

All content on is available at no charge, i.e., there is no longer a paywall. We want to provide maximum access to the knowledge and resources that BioCycle editors and contributors have written over many, many years. Highlights

In addition to the five primary categories, the main navigation bar has a dropdown menu of More Categories. Among them are Business + Finance, Collection, Community Composting, Contamination, Facilities (features), Operations (how-to), and Policies + Regulations. These pages will get more populated over the next month or two as we continue tagging previous content. In addition, more categories will be added to this dropdown menu.

The Article Archives in the Eyebrow navigation bar at the top of the page is similar to the Search function on the previous page. You can type in an author name, subject matter, location — similar to how the archive search has always worked. Or you can pick a month/year from the dropdown menu. Available content goes back to September 2003.

Equipment is another category on the Eyebrow navigation bar. Easy access to how-to articles, by type of application (e.g., depackaging, screening, grinding, composting methods, biogas conditioning), are on the page. Also featured are links to equipment videos for companies that advertise in BioCycle CONNECT and on

The new is the first public announcement of BioCycle Associates (see Consulting on the Eyebrow navigation bar). BioCycle Associates is our consulting service that enables your company, organization or association to leverage our industry intelligence, vast knowledge, extensive network and communication and convening skills to advance the work you do. Services include Strategic Advising; Industry Data and Analytics; Custom Content, Technical Writing; and Conference and Workshop Management.

Once you land on an article post page, you will see the date the article was posted (or if from print editions, the month/year the article ran), along with eye-catching photos and other graphics. Links to Related Posts are available on the page.

Similar to BioCycle CONNECT, the new has real estate for advertising and sponsorships. We appreciate the support, which enables BioCycle to continue the work we have been doing for over 60 years — working in real-time to track, communicate and provide access to the tools, knowledge, and actions that are crucial for successful composting, anaerobic digestion and organics recycling implementation.

Enjoy browsing — and please tell us what you think. BioCycle, the Organics Recycling Authority, delivers the news, trends, project updates, industry data and policy tracking, 24/7, 365 days a year.

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