• broccoli food waste in the U.S.

    Is This Edible?

    Increased focus on preventing and recovering edible food begs the question — how do you define edibility?
    Laura Moreno

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  • Sally Brown

    Connections: Compost And Methane Avoidance

    How compost earned its #60 ranking in Drawdown. Part II
    Sally Brown

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  • David Allaway

    Letter To The Editor: Oregon DEQ And Packaging LCAs

    Recent BioCycle CONNECT Editorial misrepresents some of agency’s research.
    David Allaway, Senior Policy Analyst, Oregon DEQ

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  • Advanced Biofuels — Potential for Cost Reduction

    Economics Of Advanced Biofuels

    IEA Bioenergy’s new report, “Advanced Biofuels – Potential for Cost Reduction,” acknowledges the gap between the cost of the advanced biofuels and current fuel prices, and explains how this gap can be reduced in the medium term through process improvements in designing, building and operating plants, financing costs reduction, and technology learning.

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  • 2020 Poster

    26 Years Of Compost Week In Canada

    Compost Week got its start in 1995 in part when the Compost Council of Canada (CCC) turned the popularity of a great image that became a sweatshirt as speakers’ gifts at a workshop into “COMPOST AWARENESS WEEK”, recalls Susan Antler, Executive Director of CCC.

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  • South Carolina School Food Waste

    School Waste Characterization Study

    To get a more concrete idea about solid waste composition at the schools, the S.C. Department of Health and Environmental Control (DHEC) characterized the solid waste generated throughout one day at 6 public schools in the state.

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  • Potential Game-Changer For RINs “Waivers”

    Avalanche of small refinery RFS economic hardship “waivers” may be coming to an end after court ruling.
    Michael H. Levin

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  • Sally Brown

    Connections: Can Compost Draw Down Carbon?

    Series examines all the ways compost reduces CO2 in the atmosphere. Part I
    Sally Brown

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  • Design Plans For Low Cost Rotary Drum

    A low-tech rotary drum composting unit to compost food waste is in use at several schools. The design is free to download.
    Bob Spencer

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  • NYC Commercial Organics

    Third Tier Of NYC Businesses Added To Organics Regulations

    The third tier of organics regulations for New York City (NYC) businesses has been signed into law and will be hitting the streets on July 31, 2020, reports Common Ground Compost, which offers source separation set-up, training and organics collection services. The following types of businesses are being added to the existing regulations, requiring them Read the full story >

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