Compost Bioassay Tests Show Persistent Herbicide Impacts
Phytotoxic herbicide impacts such as the curling and twisting of plant leaves appeared in Summer 2012 in gardens in the Burlington area that had been amended with compost.

University of Vermont researchers tested a total of 163 samples from 12 composting facilities in 8 separate plantings from November 2013 to August 2015.nPlant injuries were observed.
C. Coker, D. Goossen, J. Kelly, A. Hazelrigg and G. Maia
BioCycle March/April 2016, Vol. 57, No. 3, p. 53

Coping With Persistent Herbicides In Composting Feedstocks

U.S. EPA’s final work plans for clopyralid, picloram and aminopyralid include development of testing methods to detect herbicide residues in compost. And composting facilities fine-tune strategies to protect against impacts.
Craig Coker
BioCycle January 2015, Vol. 56, No. 1, p. 44

Testing For Persistent Herbicides In Feedstocks And Compost
Figure 1. Antibody and antigen

New testing methods may be available by mid-2014, including molecularly imprinted polymers that simplify extraction and analysis procedures, and a “dipstick” to test for the presence, although not necessarily the concentration, of certain persistent herbicides. Part III
Craig Coker
BioCycle January 2014, Vol. 55, No. 1, p. 31

Composters Defend Against Persistent Herbicides

To mitigate exposure, composting facility operators are modifying feedstock recipes and increasing use of plant bioassays of finished compost. Part II
Craig Coker
BioCycle August 2013, Vol. 54, No. 8, p. 21

Unraveling The Maze Of Persistent Herbicides In Compost
Green Mountain Compost conducts plant growth trials (example above) on all batches of compost now produced.

An almost year-long investigation into how a Vermont solid waste district’s compost became subjected to persistent herbicide pollution has resulted in answers — and management strategies. Part I
Nora Goldstein
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Composting Roundup
Agri Service, Inc.’s newly relocated El Corazon Compost Facility in San Diego

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Commentary: USCC Value Proposition
Michael Virga

Michael Virga
BioCycle April 2013, Vol. 54, No. 4, p. 51

Composting Roundup
Green Mountain Technologies’ Earthflow-22 in-vessel composting unit at the IOS Ranch of Bainbridge Island.

BioCycle March 2013, Vol. 54, No. 3, p. 12 Atlanta, Georgia: City Adopts Green Infrastructure Policies In mid-February, the Atlanta City Council unanimously adopted a Post-Development Stormwater Management Ordinance that promotes use of green infrastructure practices in new and redevelopment projects in the city. Drafted by the Department of Watershed Management, the ordinance offers the

Composting Roundup
International Composti Awareness Week

BioCycle August 2012, Vol. 53, No. 8, p. 12

Composting Roundup

BioCycle July 2012, Vol. 53, No. 7, p. 10